Screenshot of Shading Analysis app
Figure 1 - A screenshot of the Shading Analysis tool running as a desktop application.
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The aim of this app is to be an interactive demonstration of how overshadowing can be calculated in real-time for any point within a building model or site. The shading mask will automatically update as you drag the point of interest around the model or manipulate any of the obstructing geometry. This can be done by first clicking or tapping on the center of the shading mask or on any model surface, and then dragging any of the axial arrows of the displayed manipulation cursor.

This is basically a re-working of my earlier Real-Time Site Analysis applet. My modeling and form manipulation functions are now a lot more advanced and I have managed to further optimise the ray-tracing so it is significantly faster. Also, in this version you can use the Location map or the slider on the right-hand side to set the geographic location of the site.

Change Log

1.0.0 2014-05-12

  • Initial release.

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