Photo of Dr. Andrew Marsh.

I am an architect, design consultant, academic and software developer. I have worked on many performance-driven building projects around the world and authored a wide range of technical and analytical design software that is now used internationally in both education and practice.

I studied architecture at the University of Western Australia in Perth and received my doctorate (PhD) there. I have since worked in Sydney and the United Kingdom as an environmental analyst, performative design consultant, university lecturer, research fellow, software engineer and company director. I co-founded a software development company which was subsequently acquired by Autodesk, where I worked for a number of years on simulation and analysis in BIM. I was the original author of Ecotect (which became Autodesk Ecotect Analysis), am creative director of the Natural Frequency Journal and regularly contribute articles and research papers at international conferences and in other journals.


Academic Qualifications

Ph.D., B.Arch.(Hon), Dip.Aud.Eng.

Employment History

Managing Director,

Performative Design is a startup creating highly visual and interactive BIM and web-based design tools for architects and building designers. Our aim is to solve the combined problems of providing useful code-based simulation and analysis, insightful analytics, actionable feedback, simplicity and ease of use, and all within a smooth BIM-based workflow. Tough challenges, but we'll get there.

Director, Centre Point Apartments Management

This was a small company that managed residential apartments in the Isle of Man. This experience was particularly interesting and eye-opening as considering things from a building management perspective completely changed how I think about both building design and building performance.

Senior Principal Engineer, Autodesk

After Square One research was aquired by Autodesk, I worked initially to transition Ecotect into their own licensing and DevOps systems, and then moved to AEC-Simulation to focus on the relationship between BIM and building performance analysis. Specific projects included the Revit Internet Mapping Service and Conceptual Energy Analysis features, the Solar Radiation Technology Preview, early prototyping of the Flow Design tool, and a range of visualisation and analysis plugins for Project Vasari.

Director, Square One research

Square One research was a software development company that I co-founded. It provided sales and support services for the architectural science and design software I was developing, primarily Ecotect, as well as a range of on-line educational material. I went full-time on this venture from April 2006 until it was acquired by Autodesk in June 2008.

Research Fellow, Cardiff University

This involved research and consulting projects for the Centre for Research in the Built Environment (CRiBE) and the development of on-line education infrastructure for masters and undergraduate programmes at the Welsh School of Architecture (WSA). We provided simulation and analysis support for design teams throughout Wales as well as in the UK, Europe, Middle East and China. As one of the premier UK architectural research institutions at the time, we worked on some significant European research projects around the Energy Performance of Building Directive and contributed much to the related UK and Welsh legislation. Whilst at the School, I also proposed, developed and taught a new Masters degree in Building Energy and Environmental Performance Modelling at the WSA, as well as supervising to completion several Masters and PhD students.

Lecturer, University of Western Australia

Lectured in both architectural science and computing at the Faculty of Architecture, Landscape & Visual Arts. Responsible for the development and delivery of architectural science and computing courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Additional responsibilities included advising on IT requirements within the Faculty, serving for three years as undergraduate Course Advisor for the Environmental Design degree and supervising Masters and PhD students.

Lecturer, University of New South Wales (part-time)

Whilst working for Lincolne Scott, I provided lectures in architectural acoustics and noise control to architecture and building engineering students at the Faculty of the Built Environment.

Environmental Analyst, WSP Lincolne Scott

Joined the Advanced Environmental Concepts (AEC) group working on the environmental design of a range of commercial projects and several facilities for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. This role honed much of my modelling and simulation skills using a wide range of professional thermal, lighting, fluid dynamics and life-cycle analysis software. AEC subsequently became the Built Ecology section of Lincolne Scott, which later joined WSP Group.

Systems Admininstrator, University of Western Australia

Whilst completing my postgraduate research, I was employed to maintain and support the computer laboratories and staff machines within the School of Architecture and Fine Arts. Duties included hardware and software support, systems administration for 50+ Mac, PC and UNIX workstations, as well as printing, storage, back-up facilities and general troubleshooting. I also assumed increasing responsibility for part-time lecturing in both the architectural science and computing courses within the School due to the retirement/departure of other staff.

Acoustic Consultant, Bernicia Consultants (part-time)

Assistant to Dr Derek Carruthers, working part-time on a wide range of acoustics projects for both local architectural practices and the mining/agricultural industries. Duties included computer analysis and simulation, on-site noise surveying and equipment testing in an anechoic chamber.